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  • Accredited Investor Law Blog
    Information about investment funds and other topics in law and finance for family offices, foundations, endowments, pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, and fund sponsors.
  • Pigly
    Finance guide which helps people estimate their retirement savings and their monthly loan payments for a variety of loan types.
  • Advanced Savings Calculator
    Provides a number of advanced savings calculators that allow people to compute the interest on a savings plan, its potential future value, or how well their savings will prepare them for retirement.
  • Amortization Calculator
    Provides an amortization calculator allowing people to compute an amortization table for the payments on a loan.
  • Bankrupt Companies
    Find a list of bankrupt companies and business bankruptcy filings in your county or state. A listing of bankrupt companies comes with company names, filing dates, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Calculating Interest
    Utilities and tools for consumers to calculate interest. Includes compound interest, simple interest, inflation, and savings goals.
  • Calculator.me
    Provides consumers with a wide variety of free online financial calculation tools.
  • Car Loan Calculator
    Estimate how much your monthly loan payments will be by using an online reference calculator.
  • Consumer Advice
    Find expert consumer advice, financial help and guidance plus more.
  • Credit Card Machines
    Information about credit card machines for small businesses including Verifone and Wireless.
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