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  • Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, PL
    Law Firm helping Florida consumers overcome debt problems through bankruptcy, credit card collect defense and negotiation, foreclosure defense, and suing debt collectors for illegal and harassing collection practices.
  • Ask Jack About Debt Solutions
    Informative blog regularly updated with opinionated and informed contributions on events impacting consumer personal finance.
  • Bankruptcy Records
    Get a copy of bankruptcy records from a United States bankruptcy court online. Retrieve your bankruptcy discharge, reaffirmation agreement, list of creditors, or entire bankruptcy record. Bankruptcy records are emailed.
  • Bankruptcy Scarborough
    Bankruptcy trustee, Kevin Thatcher & Associates help people regain control of their lives and find financial security.
  • Business Bankruptcy
    Provide services that include a business bankruptcy evaluation, focusing on finding alternative debt strategies.
  • Canada Bankruptcy
    Comprehensive overview of Canadian bankruptcy law as it applies to personal bankruptcy and debt consolidation. Provides a directory of bankruptcy trustees across Canada.
  • Company Insolvency
    Crown Debt offer expert advice to companies dealing with insolvency.
  • Company Voluntary Arrangement
    Crown Debt offer a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) service for companies dealing with insolvency.
  • Connected Claims
    Free bankruptcy and debt advice by Connected Claims.
  • Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation
    Provides several solutions that help people eliminate debt and also offers a wide range of debt management plans and tools.
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