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  • Avjet Corporation
    Offers new and used aircraft's, airplanes and jets for sale. Also provides plane management, small private plane charters, and jet completion services.
  • Burundaiavia Airline Helicopter Services
    Provides helicopter services in Kazakhstan and abroad including passenger and cargo air transportation, installation and construction works, fire-fighting, Medevac, S&R and EMS operations.
  • Bwi Fly
    An insurance company that offer aviation insurance for airplanes, UAVs, and hangars.
  • Concorde Aircraft Batteries
    Concorde Battery Corporation produces aircraft batteries to military specifications. Concorde offers aircraft main batteries, emergency batteries, and military batteries.
  • Jet Ownership
    Avantair provides fractional jet ownership, leasing, and travel cards.
  • PHS
    Established in 1981, PHS provides business and utility aircraft services across Australia including tourism, flight training, special events and aerial work.