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  • Analytics Toolkit
    A collection of tools for web analysts and statisticians. Google Analytics tools, statistical calculators and tools for conversion rate optimization and A/B testing. SaaS for digital marketing and web analytics agencies.
  • BuyerGenomics
    Customer database software that gives people the tools to improve customer relationships, grow customer value and improve customer acquisition by unlocking the intelligence buried in logs of historical transaction data.
  • CodeFirst
    UK software company providing custom application and database development services.
  • DCSL Software Ltd
    DCSL is a software consultancy creating bespoke solutions. Services include web development, bespoke applications, mobile apps, CRM systems, data migration, application support and hosting.
  • - Job Evaluation Easily Done
    The web-based application is a job evaluation system that is compatible with today's working environments. It works with three career paths for individual contributors, people and project managers.
  • MentorcliQ : Mentoring Software
    MentorcliQ is mentoring software that helps companies engage, develop, and retain their top talent through high-impact employee mentoring programs.
  • Netreo
    Provider of IT management solutions for enterprise and public sector companies.
  • 360 Feedback
    Provides online 360-degree feedback and employee review tools that are customizable.
  • Active Collab
    Project management software from Active Collab is a flexible tool to help clients manage their projects effectively.
  • Advance Systems Inc
    Advance Systems is a provider of workforce management systems. Company based in Boston Massachusetts.
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